Hiidenvesi Lake in the Rain


This oilpastels work was done on the lakeside during summer 2016 and it took a few days in the outdoors to finish. That specific summer was really cold and rainy, and the work depicts a view of the lake Hiidenvesi, as it was during those rainy days of July. The colors are muted to grayish green and blue and the lake surface seems almost white. There are just the basic elements: water, air, earth and the forest. Rain creates a pattern of blue-gray dashes all over the landscape, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Even if the artist herself had to sit in the rain in her raincoat, trying to protect the paper from soaking by putting it under a transparent huge umbrella!

“Hiidenvesi Lake in the Rain”, oilpastels on paper,  71 x 52,5 cm, 2016

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