Still is an Interactive Media Installation made with Kinect sensor. Projection screen shows an animation that reacts to audience movement and their position in front of the screen.

The philosophy of this artwork is to contemplate on meditative concentration and finding the core of oneself and ones thoughts. This process requires concentrating in stillness, which the work reflects in its interaction. Work rewards those spectators that have enough patience to stop for a while and contemplate in front of the installation. During this process the work also comments on our time and lifestyle: are we too busy to stop even for a few seconds and receive an art work with open minds?


Sound designer: Matti Kotala

Demola Academy
Still is implemented in cooperation with Tampere Hermia and Demola student group
Diane Schuessele: script
Daria Adamitskaya: visual and video/3D
Matti Keskinen: Visual and video design
Markus Wellmann, Jalmari Vattulainen: implementation

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