Curriculum Vitae

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Outi Maaret Kotala born 9. 6. 1974 at Rovaniemi Lapland.


2008-2012 Avoin taidekoulu, classical art studies in 3-year curriculum + year of independent artistic work with tutoring
2006 Master of Arts, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Medialaboratory
2001 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, majoring in Media Art
Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Department of Art and media
1994 – University of Helsinki, studies in practical philosophy // faculty
of social sciences
1993 High school graduate, Helsingin kuvataidelukio (Helsinki art high school)


good English, satisfactory Swedish, basic French. Basics in Russian and Japanese.

Work history:

Current Senior Designer at Gofore Ltd.
2006 -> UX designer, owner, Guidesi. Member of co-op Lilith.
2005-2006 UI and Graphic designer at Linja Design
2003- 2005 Graphic user interface designer, Nokia Mobile Phones
2002 www- and graphic designer in Tampere University of Techonology Institute of Business Information
2001-2002 graphic designer in Tampere University Hypermedia Laboratory.
2000 www-designer and graphic designer in Media Tampere Ltd.
1999 – 2000 www- and graphic designer in the Tre-D -project of Tampere University Hypermedia Laboratory.
1993-1998 various jobs and office jobs including Matkahuolto Travel Services, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and so on.


2002 Vainio, T., Kotala, O., Rakkolainen, I. Kupila, H.Towards scalable user interfaces in 3D City Information SystemsShort paper.Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices, 18-20 September 2002, Pisa, Italy.Vainio, T., Kotala, O.Developing 3D Information Systems for Mobile Users: Some Usability IssuesShort paper. Proceedings of the The Second Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Aarhus, Denmark, October 19-23, 2002.

Selected exhibitions:

2021 Colours and Movements Group exhibition, Gallery Kookos Helsinki 01.09.-19.09.2021
2015 Art Fair Suomi 2015. Cable Factory, Helsinki 18.-20. 9. 2015.
2015 ”Itse teossa” group exhibition at gallery Ronga, Tampere 23. 6. – 9. 7. 2015
2013 “Still – Pysähtyminen” solo exhibition at Gallery 3H+K, Pori, 8. -28. 2. 2013.
2012 “Open inspiration” installation at Avoin taidekoulu premises 15. 8. – 28. 8.
2012 “Thoughts on Existence” joint exhibition with Marja Tikka at gallery S-galleria, Helsinki 31. 7. – 27. 8.
2009 Kaaos paintings and animation at gallery Nunes, 4. – 22. 11. 2009. Joint exhibition with Marja Tikka.
2009 Baseline of Memories media-art installation in the internet and at the Nummela library 2. – 30. 5. 2009.
2007 Bazaar of Banalities open media-art happening & www-site together with Live Herring group. Jyväskylä 12. – 15. 7. 2007
2006 Group art exhibition “Valkoinen” STOA gallery 19.12. – 2006 – 5. 1. 2007
2006 Live Herring My Village -workshop in the nordic net art exhibition Live Herring 16. – 19. 11. 2006.
2005 Live Herring Invited artist in the nordic net art exhibition Live Herring 17. – 20. 11. 2005.
2002 Mindmapcities
Media art work on cities and mindmaps,. Tampere and Prague. As a part of the Jiné Finsko – the other Finland -art happening in Prague 26. 9. – 17.11. 2002. Competing finalist for the MindTrek multimedia award 2002.
2002 Verkko internet installation in Rupriikki museum of Tampere. In cooperation with Tampereen museot and Tampere University Hypermedialaboratorio.
2001 Mind Chat chat installation as a part of the net art workshop live transmission from restaurant Telakka in Tampere 9. – 11. 11. 2001. With the cooperation with Tampere Polytechnic and Pauhu organisation, and it was hosted by John Hopkins from UIAH.
2001 The Paper Doll Studio
Interactive media artwork in the net. Flash and html. Also a data-installation in the final work exhibition of Tampere Polytechnic/School of Art and Media between 1.5. – 15. 6. 2001

Residency work:

2014 Särö artist residence, Berlin, 14. 6. -28. 6. 2014

Prizes and grants:

2016 AVEK Digidemo grant for co-op Lilith: digital art rental service concept
2011 Rauha Hasselblatt grant for professional education
2008/09 AVEK grant for a media art work “Muistojen perusviiva”
2006 AVEK grant for a media art work “Lumen valo”
2002 Niilo Helander’s foundationgrant for a media art project (personal grant)Central Arts Council multiarts grant for a media art project (personal grant)
2001 First price in the 2001 Pixxelpoint International Computer Art Festival competition’s Interactive work category with the work The Paper Doll Studio
Les e-Magicians -multimedia festival. Work “The Paper Doll Studio” chosen to be presented during the international multimedia festival in Valencienne France 23. -27.11. 2001.


I’m a member of Artists Association MUU, Association for Boarder Crossing Arts Finland (Pro Soveltavan taiteen tila ry), Avarataide ry, Ornamo Art and Design Finland, and a support member for Avoin Taidekoulu art school.

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