Dawning of Five Precepts


120 x 98 cm, oil on canvas, 2014.

“Dawning of Five Precepts” depicts the basic ethical guidelines for the followers of the Buddhist philosophy.

The Five Precepts are not an absolute rigid set of rules, but provide a practical basis for good, ethical living which will produce the right environment in which to seek out our own truths:

  1. Do not kill or cause harm to other living beings
  2. Do not steal or take what is not-given
  3. Do not indulge a sexual misconduct
  4. Do not lie
  5. Abstain from drink and drugs that cloud the mind and prevent you being mindful

In the center of this lotus-like form you can see the flame of the living Dharma, core teachings and perception of the nature in Buddhist philosophy.

I started this work couple of years ago, when I didn’t yet know what it would be depicting and the precepts were not familiar to me in detail. The five precepts in the painting look a bit ethereal, as if they were somewhere beyond this reality, something more real, just about to dawn to the student of ethics. Effect is attained by painting several very thin layers of oil color on top of each other.

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