Snow Light


Snow Light is a non-interactive digital painting that combines traditional oil painting with digital moving image. It can be exhibited in spaces that are close to natural day light, for example rooms with windows and also artificial lighting.

Snow Light studies the physical and metaphysical aspects of snow and light. White light is the combination of all other colours. Snow has the ability to reflect different wavelengths of light, thus creating a halo of the spectrum. Snow also has the power to store daylight into itself and reflect it back to the sky. During night time, when it has snowed, we can actually see how dark night sky turns to faint pink because of this effect.

The artist has painted snow during winters 2005 and 2006. The work is a combination of paintings of snow from different lighting conditions and times of day. On top of them, a moving, abstract digital video is projected. The image creates a halo-like effect on top of the paintings. The result is something that at first looks white, but actually contains all the colours of the world.

The art work creates a dialog between itself and the surrounding light. Preferred exhibition space should have access to natural light (e.g. windowed room or space). This means no dark room is required. Together with the daylight cycle, work creates a changing imagery: during day time, a hint of moving image can be detected on top of the paintings. When it becomes dark, the movie is more distinguishable on top of the paintings.

More info (Flash-movie 2.8 Mb)

Technical details:
Four (4) 500 x 700 millimeters oil paintings (canvas on wood).
One swf-file projected via data projector and laptop

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